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Islamic Republic of Iran

Mottahedin University

Date: 28/4/1361 [19 July 1982]

Number: 1018


In the Name of God


Mrs. Fahimeh Abedian

Pursuant to a report and request of the Admissions Council, and in accordance with Paragraph 1 of Section 11 of Circular number 1/11331, dated 7/7/1360 [29 September 1981], of the Ministry of Higher Education, this University is unable to enrol you owing to your affiliation with the perverse Baha’i sect. In order to be enrolled, you must declare your non-affiliation with this sect in the presence of a trusted cleric and also publish [your recantation] in a widely circulated newspaper.

Please present yourself at the Office of Academic Jihad at Alzahra University on 5/5/1361 [27 July 1982] between 8:00 [a.m.] and 12:00 noon to confirm the status of your enrolment.


[official stamp]

Management Council of Academic Jihad

Alzahra University:


Mottahedin University

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