[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of Education

New Employees Office


Number: 59312/9

Date: 12 Bahman 1330 [2 February 1952]


Department of Intermediary Training


Following the copy of the letter number 56582/9, 5 Bahman 1330 [26 January 1952], the exact suggestion and the employment documents of Mr. Manouchehr Samadani are enclosed. According to the contents of column 3 of the employment application form, his employment is denied.


Human Resources, Ministry of Education [Signature], [Signature]


[Handwritten Note:]


Following [illegible] Send it back.


His suggestion [to change] Muslim, Shia, was received and was actioned. Then on 8 Bahman 1330 [29 January 1952] Mr. Samadani, accompanied by Mr. Moftakhar, approached this office, and because religion was mentioned in several sections of this form, he crossed out the previous religion insertions and wrote Baha’i and initialled it, 8 Bahman 1330 [29 January 1952].