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(Enclosure number 3)


Ministry of Roads[1]

96920 dated 22/6/1340 [13 September 1961]


Tehran Regional Railways

Subject: Related to Mr. Rezvani (23852)


Since Mr. Abdol-Hosein Rezvani has stated his religion as Baha’i in his employment records, which [he] prepared in 1335 [1956-57] in order to benefit from the new employment bylaws of railways, the Retirement Head Office has declined to confirm the maximum ranking for his administrative level.


On behalf of the head of the Personnel Office,



1-42247 [date]: 29/6/40 [20 September 1961]

A copy of the letter is sent to the Regional Operations Sector in order to advise Mr. Rezvani about the content of the letter.


The Head of the Operations Office in Tehran Region



1321- [dated] 30/6/1340 [21 September 1961]

Copy will be sent to the Finance Department


Tehran Regional Operations

30/6/1340 [21 September 1961]





[1] [It was later renamed Ministry of Roads and Urban Development]