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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Official Translation Company: Fakhr

Kargar Shomali Avenue (Formerly Amirabad)

Number: 343

Telephone: 651449

[Name and address of the company in English]

Ettefagh School

Number 3, Anatol France Street, Tehran

Date: Sixteenth of December 1979



To whom it may concern,


It is hereby certified that Mrs. Mahdokht Ghazanfari has been teaching at this school for the past 18 years. She is very precise in executing her duties and talks with the students in an excellent manner.  She is very well-behaved, trustworthy and honest.  Her relationship with the students is very good and she uses excellent motivational methods. Mrs. Ghazanfari is an affable individual who is trusted by her colleagues, and is always willing to help in any way that is possible. I recommend her to future employers without any hesitation, and believe that she will also be successful in her Masters level studies.

Signature: Principal (Saheb Jami)

Stamp: Ettefagh Middle School

The accuracy of translation is certified.  Official translator of Ministry of Justice: Morteza Nosrat


11 Ordibehesht 1359 [1 May 1980]

[Administrative Tariff was paid]

[Official stamp]