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[Newspaper:] Peyk-e Iran

[Date:] 20 Khordad 1334 [11 June 1955]

[Issue No.:] 291


The Reaction to Recent Events in Iran in Haifa and Chicago

In the year 1819, in the vicinity of one of the sacred mausoleums of Shiraz, from the loins of one of the textile merchants, a child was born, who was named Mirza Ali-Mohammad. Years later, he studied [Islamic] jurisprudence, doctrines and philosophy and gradually called himself “The Bab” and sometimes “Him Whom God shall make manifest”, giving the good news of the coming of a new Promised One, just as His Holiness John the Baptist gave the good news of the manifestation of His Holiness Jesus Christ. He too was saying that after [him], an important personage would manifest, whom all the people of the world should follow and whose teachings they should obey.

According to the teachings of Islam, whoever makes a claim of divinity, his blood should be shed, and he deserves to be executed. The government of Iran, induced by the theologians and clergy, banished the Bab to different towns and finally in 1850 had him executed in Tabriz.

Baha’u’llah, the successor of the Bab, states: “The followers of all the religions are equal and none has any preference over another”. Maybe this is the reason why the followers of different religions adhere to this newly manifested and fresh religion of Baha. At present, the number of Baha’is in the world reaches three million, who believe in Moses, Christ and Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him) as the envoys of God, and respect the religious books of all the religions.

The antagonism of Muslims towards Baha’is is not something new. From the beginning of the manifestation of the Bab, the Islamic clergy has been the enemy of the followers of the new religion.

Recently, Mullah Mohammad Taqi Falsafi, forty-seven years old, being one of the famous preachers and religious speakers of Tehran, stated from the pulpit that Baha’is believe that in the year 1335 [1956] the Baha’i religion will be the official religion of Iran. If such an event were to take place and one of the Baha’is occupy the imperial throne, [then] whoever opposes the new religion would be executed. In April of the last year, Mullah Falsafi asked the Shah of Iran to execute the Baha’is and convert the Haziratu’l-Quds [the Baha’i Centre] into a mosque dedicated to the worship of the Muslims. Following this incident, the military soon invaded the Haziratu’l-Quds and the Baha’i Faith was announced as unlawful.

Baha’is say that according to the teachings of Baha, each and every Baha’i in any country where he may reside, dutifully yields blindly to the laws of that country, and the allegation that the Baha’is have been planning to perform a coup d’etat is untrue.

Since a few days ago, the government agents have been destroying the dome of the Haziratu’l-Quds, and seemingly, the mentioned place will be allocated to one of the government organizations.

The Baha’is, according to their beliefs, have not shown any resistance, and in fact they have remained silent in the face of such occurrences.

Haifa, being the central cradle of the Baha’i authorities, has objected to these events, as it has also angered Chicago, which is the centre of a number of the followers of Baha’u’llah.


By: Newsweek