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(The Blessed Vahdat-e Bashar School)

[Ecole Vahdat Bachar - Kachan]

To: ----- No.: -----

Date:  6 Safar 1340 [17 Mehr 1300] [9 October 1921]


The Esteemed Ministry of Education

After the attempts of a few ill-wishers, who, through ignorance, had misrepresented Vahdat-e Bashar School to the government, and who were attempting other acts of malice, were blocked, they embarked on different conspiracies and plots and once again plan to insult the system and provoke chaos.

His Holiness Ayatollah Mulla Habibollah, may his exalted shadow be continued, and other Hojjatol-Islams, have no grievance against the school, as they have officially ordered and publically announced that they have had no part in any of the instigations. However, a few individuals, such as A-Seyyed Ahmad [illegible] and Seyyed A-Mahmoud Rowze-Khan and others, are causing agitation with various motives.

The main factor that has a lot to do with the offences of the school’s claimants or the instigators of the chaos is the negligence of the head of education in Kashan, who, after thorough investigation of the school and its public examination, confessed, in the presence of dignitaries and representatives of the government, to the strength of the school curriculum and the conformity of its programme with Islam, even highly praising the progress of the children and the attention of the teachers. 

When in the circles of ill-wishers, however, he sided with them and instigated harassment against the school.

From the point of view of telling the truth, not taking sides with anyone or having any hostility, I wish to submit that reassignment of him [the head of education of Kashan] to a different location and the appointment of an impartial, responsible educator would be greatly beneficial in quelling the controversies and restoring security in the city.  Other than that, “Every king recognizes what is best for his own state”.

May your days of promoting knowledge and glory be prosperous!