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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Setareh Eslam

[Date:] 8 Mehr 1334 [1 October 1955]

[Issue No:] 184


Letters received from Abadeh

During the past few weeks, letters with a uniform look, handwriting, and syntax, containing various signatures from a number of individuals, have arrived at this newspaper’s office, and, based on the press laws, their publication has been requested. [The members of] this group have introduced themselves as Baha’is and they have refuted the contents of the letter published in issue number 175 of this newspaper.  Given that we were informed that these uniform letters had been sent by the order of the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran from Tehran to Abadeh, we ask the individuals whose names are listed below, and the writers of the letters that have been sent to the newspaper office previously, to rewrite their letters and obtain notary certification of their signatures from the local police or judiciary and re-send them for publication. In that case, the exact copies of their letters will be published in accordance with the press laws.


  1. Ahmad Siadat, care of Isfahan, Khorshid Hospital, sent from Abadeh
  2. Samad Izadi, sent from Abadeh without an address
  3. Enayat Ranjbar-Hemmatabadi, sent from Abadeh
  4. Mohammad Ebrahim Yazdani, care of Isfahan Khorshid Dehghani Elementary School
  5. Hadayatollah Dehghan, care of Isfahan Khorshid Dehghani
  6. Amir Dehghani, care of Isfahan Khorshid Dehghani


These letters are in the handwriting of the same person; some of them have been sent from Isfahan and some from Abadeh.

Setareh Eslam—The futile efforts of a few Baha’is, who are foreign spies and are engaged in spying and destructive activities with the financial support of that foreign establishment, are completely clear in [their] sending these letters.  There is no doubt that the gentlemen who have paid attention and have become repentant about their past unseemly actions are unaware that these letters have been sent.  In addition, many other letters have arrived at this newspaper office that indicate the refutations of the letters received by this newspaper office or other newspapers is the work of the Assembly of the Baha’is, and not even one of the signature-bearers can be identified. If there are, in reality, individuals who believe in the Baha’i religion, they should write their confessions and get the signature of the local police station and we will publish their letters without bias.