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[Adapted from website:] Rasa News Agency

[Date:] 24 Bahman 1397 [13 February 2019]


Current Intellectual-Cultural Analysis of Baha’ism In Iran

According to a Rasa News Agency reporter, Zamzam Hedayat Publishing Institute, affiliated with Imam Sadegh (PBUH) Research Institute of Islamic Sciences, has published a book called “Current Intellectual-Cultural Analysis of Baha’ism in Contemporary Iran”, written by Jafar Sasan, along with scientific commentaries by Dr. Mousa Faghieh Haghani.

The author has written the book in six chapters, with the following titles: Political, Social, Intellectual and Cultural Backgrounds of the Emergence of Baha’ism; From Sheikhism to Baha’ism; The Fundamentals of The Principles of Baha’i Teachings and Rules; The Role of Baha’ism in Political and Social Developments During the Qajar Era in Iran; Baha’ism in the Pahlavi [Period]; and Baha’ism From the Islamic Revolution Until Now.

In the introduction to the book, the author states the motivation for writing and the purpose of the book like this: “In this book, we seek to examine the process of the formation, beliefs, rulings, leaders, sects, organizational status, relations with foreigners and the performance of this sect in the Qajar, Pahlavi and post-Islamic periods. In this regard, an attempt has been made to present a clear picture of it, based on the historical sources and the works of the sect itself.

Hojatoleslam Jafar Sasan, in the third chapter of the [book], has described the twelve teachings of the Baha’i Faith: Investigation of truth; the unity of mankind; the unity of the principles of all religions; eliminating prejudice and the need to create love and affection in this regard; the necessity of harmony between science and religion; education; equality of men and women; universal language and letters; universal peace and the unity of nations and an international tribunal court; harmonizing economy; limitation of jihad [holy war] on verbal expressions; and other teachings.

Explaining the unity of the human world on page 117, he goes on to say, “Although this slogan has a populist appearance, it is not compatible with reason and nature, because the unity of the oppressor and the oppressed, the oppressed and the arrogant, and the infidel and the believer is not possible.

In this regard, Abdu’l-Baha said, [Persian verse][1], and Shoghi Effendi also introduced the unity of the human world at the top of all Baha’i teachings.

Zamzam Hedayat Publishing Institute, affiliated with the Imam Sadegh (PBUH) Institute of Islamic Sciences, has published the book, “Current Intellectual-Cultural Analysis of Baha’ism in Contemporary Iran” in 272 pages, with 500 copies, and has priced it at 127,000 rials. Those who are interested can also refer to the [following] address: Qom, Dor Shahr Street., corner of the third alley, No. 81; or call the phone number: 37730735-09102042071. 925/N601/Sh



[1] [The authorized translation of this text is not available in English. The original text is as follows:]

"جفاکار را مانند وفادار، به نهایت محبت رفتار کنید؛ و گرگان خود را مانند غزالان ختن و ختا مشک معطر به مشام رسانید."