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[Newspaper:] Ramz-e Taraghghi

[Date:] 30 Ordibehesht 1334 [21 May 1955]

[Issue No:] 34


Baha’is in the government system

Have started intensive activities outside Tehran

Where have the months-long leaves of absence and investigative missions that have been given to some of them come from, and whose hands are behind it?

During the last hours before the newspaper was going to press, one of our journalists reported to us that in some ministries, months-long and extended leaves and investigative missions outside of Tehran have recently been given to a number of active and influential Baha’is. In this way, they have been given an opportunity to have the power to engage in activity, destruction, and harmful behaviour, and freely continue with their actions. In view of these recent leaves of absence and missions that have been granted to the Baha’is, we expect the government to find out who has been the source of these actions and whose hands are behind these evil incidents.

Cutting off of these filthy and treasonous hands are what the Muslim people of Iran want. Despite the fact that we have the names of some of them, we will refrain from listing their names out of respect for government standards and the cabinet ministers, who undoubtedly are unaware of these incidents.  However, in case this is not followed up on, investigated and attended to, we will be forced to publish the names of these individuals and identify the contaminated agents who have been the source of this treasonous and troublesome action.