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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Date:] 26 Aban 1318 [18 November 1939]


To the Honourable Council of Ministers, may your glory be perpetual

I would submit with utmost honour and respect the following, to inform the illustrious Council that yours truly, Rahmatollah Ferdowsian, with identification number [redacted], issued from [redacted], a few years ago, decided to enter into a marriage contract. Since my wife and I are Baha’is, we married according to our religious belief.

Later on, I took [our] marriage certificate to the section of the marriage registration of the Deeds Registry Office of Najaf-Abad; they refused to register it. Then I took a copy of the certificate and submitted it with a letter to the Deeds Registry Office of Isfahan, [but] I did not receive any answer. Therefore, out of desperation, I wrote a letter to the Ministry of Justice, complaining of their unfair treatment, and even they did not honour me with an answer. Every now and then I am summoned by the Department of Justice of Isfahan, calling me to come to Isfahan. Ever since, they have made my life difficult, preventing me from earning my livelihood, and I am under pressure.

In conclusion, I plead with that esteemed Council to pay attention to my case and relieve me from this menace, because I have not committed any crime, except acting righteously and truthfully and complying with my religious duties.


Rahmatollah Ferdowsian

[Signature on the name]