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In the Name of God


Questionnaire Form of the Executive Committee of the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education, investigating the suitability of suspended student [for readmission]

Mr.: Bijan Mirzaie, Student of major: Geography, University: Isfahan

We have received your request to review your case. In view of the contents of your file, it is necessary that you complete the following items and send them to this committee. Your careful responses to the questions will accelerate the decision of the committee. In case of untruth in responses, you will be dealt with according to the law.

Personal information and spouse’s information in case of being married:

Name: Bijan, Surname: Mirzaie; Father’s name: Mahabat; Birth certificate number: [redacted]; Date of birth: [redacted]; Occupation: Cabinet-Maker; Year of entry to university: 1358 [1979-1980]; University name: University of Isfahan; Major: Geography; Credits earned: 37.

  1. Do you accept [the accusation of] engagement in activities to benefit anti-revolutionary groups, of which you have been accused? Indicate the group.

[Handwritten Reply] No - I have not been accused of collaboration with anti-revolutionary groups in any way; I was expelled because of my membership in the Baha’i Faith.

  1. At what point in time did you realise the perversity of anti-revolutionary groups and become remorseful about acting in their favour?

[Handwritten Reply] Given that I do not believe in any anti-revolutionary groups, and I am obedient to the government of the Islamic Republic, I fundamentally refrain from acting in their interest [anti-revolutionary groups], and I have never believed in the rightness of their goals.

  1. Did you report yourself to the relevant authorities after the illegal status of these groups was announced? (Please attach any documents showing such introduction or the announcement of the agreement of the relevant authority.)

[Handwritten Reply] No, because I have never been a member of any illegal groups.

  1. Have you ever been arrested or detained?

[Handwritten Reply] No; I have not done anything illegal to be detained for.

Row ------ Cause of arrest ------ Date of arrest ------ Length of sentence ------ Place of detention ------ Date of release ------ Reason for release ------


  1. From the closing date of the university [After Cultural Revolution] until now, what types of occupation(s) have you engaged in? List the exact address of the workplaces and the length of work (beginning and end), type of work, and the responsible person(s).

[Handwritten Reply] I was engaged in cabinet-making. For some time I was working for Mr. Hosein Ebrahimi on [illegible] street in Isfahan. Later, I worked with Mr. Farshid Agahi. There was a workshop in [redacted] and Doran Street. Currently, only Mr. Agahi is working there and I am unemployed.

  1. List at least two reliable individuals or persons whose background is known to this committee, who know about your past and present situation.

[Handwritten Reply] Given that no Baha’is are currently serving in any government positions, I can’t introduce anyone. But most people know me in Isfahan.

Row 1- Name and surname: Hosein Ebrahimi; Position: Colleague in making cabinets; Length of acquaintance: 4 years; Work or home address: [redacted]

Row 2- Name and surname: Parviz Moini; Position: Producing transformers; Length of acquaintance: 15 years; Work or home address: [redacted]

Row 3- Mr. Ehsan Kheimehdouz; Position: Driver; Length of acquaintance: 25 years; Work or home address: [redacted]

The authorities that have so far reviewed your case:

  1. The University Admissions Council
  2. Central Admission Council
  3. Universities Special Court
  4. Central Disciplinary Committee
  5. Executive Committee of the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education, investigating the suitability of suspended student [for readmission]. If you have any document depicting a prior review, please attach.

Attach any supporting documents from the relevant authorities.

Note: Provide any information (in addition to what you have stated) that might clarify your case.  Please be concise:

[Handwritten Reply] The reason stated for my expulsion from the university, according to the letter received from the Admissions Council, was membership in, and being connected to, the Baha’i community. As you are aware, this community does not engage in any political activity and is obedient to the laws and regulations of the government of any country they live in. At the time, the only reason stated for my expulsion was being a Baha’i. Basically, the questions listed in this questionnaire cannot have any relevance to me, because we do not engage in political activity.

Signature [signature]


Full address: [redacted]

Emergency phone number [redacted]

Postal address: [redacted] Bijan Mirzaie