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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In the Name of God

Undertaking of the Family of the Deceased

I,                                son/daughter of                                           ID Number:                               

Resident of:                                                                           Relation to the deceased:                    

I undertake to comply with the following matters:

  1. Write only the name, dates of birth and death of the deceased in the Persian calendar on the gravestone of the deceased.
  2. Will not create green space in the cemetery.
  3. Considering the closure of the cemetery by the embankment, abstain from building walls around the cemetery.
  4. Will not construct additional buildings around the funeral home.
  5. Abstain from posting any signs and posters, and having any writings on the gravestone and around the cemetery.
  6. The gravestone must be level with the ground and should not have anything raised above it.


Relation to the deceased:                                             Signature and telephone number: