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Date: 18 Farvardin 1318 [8 April 1939]

Number: 744/M

Attachment: ------



Ministry of Justice



Mr. Prime Minister

In response to letter number 13770, dated 13 Dey 1317 [3 January 1939], regarding the public activities of four Baha’i families in Qorveh, we convey the following.

The prosecutor general of Karaj was ordered to investigate the matter. He reports that a marriage was contracted between Ali Aousat and a person by the name of Pari, according to the principles of the Baha’i religion. Farrokh Abdi produced a document in his own handwriting. A few other individuals, who were also present as witnesses, attested to the event. Subsequently, they took the document to an official marriage records office, but the owner of the office refused to record it and has reported the matter to the Sanandaj Records and Registration Office. The Registration Office then wrote to the Prosecutor’s Office about the issue and requested legal prosecution. We should add that it appears from the overall investigation that there are forty Baha’i families in Qorveh, and each one receives particular orders from the Spiritual Assembly and continually organizes meetings.

The aforementioned Prosecutor’s Office has been ordered to prosecute these individuals, who have not recorded their marriage at the Notary Public Office [Marriage Registration Bureau] in accordance with the regulations. 

On behalf of the Minister of Justice [signature]


[Stamp:] Receipt at the Office of the Prime Minister]

Number: 854

Dated: 18 Farvardin 1318 [8 April 1939]

[Handwritten note 1:] Background records – 19 Farvardin 1318 [9 April 1939]

[Handwritten note 2:] It was registered – 20 Farvardin 1318 [10 April 1939]