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Transcript of a Report from the Police Force of Qom


[Date:] 29/1/1323, [18 April 1944]

Number: 34


Respected Office of the Governorate of Qom


Further to [letter] number 31- 26/1/1323 [15 April 1944] regarding a few Baha’is who have moved to Qom, the required discussion was held with [high ranking] clerics and all manner of promises and assurances were given and they [Baha’is] will be prevented from their propagation and meetings. Yet we observe that a few flyers which have been prepared on behalf of “Jameyyat-e Tarfdaran-e Din” were given by them to a newspaper stand for distribution. The flyers have been archived and we enclose one of them for your information. As was our opinion previously, the residence of these few Baha’is in Qom is producing sedition and unrest.  We await your order to take action as required.


Head of the Police Force of Qom

Major Fatemi


This is a true copy of the original,