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Transcript of a confidential letter from the Police Force of Qom


[Date:] 26/1/1323, [15 April 1944]

Number 31


Honourable Governorate of Qom


With reference to letter No. 357-24/1/1323, [13 April 1944], we humbly inform you:  Recently, a number of Baha’is from other cities, have moved to Qom. According to information we have received, they hold meetings and religious discussions in the evenings at the home of one them named Misaghian, whose occupation is the sale of auto parts, and in anticipation that these events would cause [civil] unrest, Misaghian was summoned and interrogated.  He denied holding such meetings. He was compelled to undertake to hold no meetings in Qom. Abdollah Obdoudeyyat is also among those few people, about whom the preachers have told people that they [i.e., the Baha’is] should not be permitted to remain in Qom, and who have been threatened by the residents.  A file has been opened concerning this matter, which remains in progress.


Since Qum is the gathering place for the clergy and the centre for religious schools, their presence [Baha’is] is not without problem.  It may incite sedition and unrest. It is [for this reason] that we write to seek guidance from the governor's office.


Head of Qom Police Force

Major Fatemi


This is a true copy of the original,