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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Fars News Agency

[Date:] 14 Azar 1392 [5 December 2013]


Friday Prayer Leader of Qeshm:

Wahhabism and Baha’ism Were Created for Dispute

Qeshm Friday prayer leader: “Sects such as Wahhabism and Baha’ism have been created to divide and [paint an] ugly face of Islam.

According to the Fars News Agency from Qeshm, in a meeting this morning related to holding unity conferences, Hojatoleslam, Reza Jowkar said, “The issue that the supreme leader of the revolution refers to most is insight and recognizing the enemy.”

He stated that the attention to pure Islam and the existential truths of Islam has increased, and said: ”Clerics have heavy responsibilities in introducing and [differentiating] between true Islam and false Islam”....

Jowkar said, “Considering that the enemy did not succeed in being the rival to Islam and Muslims, the only way to distort Islam was to form Wahhabism and Baha’ism, which is the same as modern ignorance....”

The Friday prayer leader of Qeshm stated, “The cancerous tumours of Wahhabism and Baha’ism have been formed to prevent the progress of Islam, but Shiite and Sunni clerics should warn the people in this regard and the hearts of the scholars should be close to each other.”

Jowkar said, “There should be more cooperation, exchange of views and sympathy, as much as possible, and a ceremony [should be held] to unite Shiites and Sunnis where they will become more familiarized with each other.”