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[Newspaper:] Sahar

[Date:] Tuesday, 14 Shahrivar 1334 – 6 September 1955 – 18 Muharram 1375

[Issue No.:] 14


The book “Claimants of Mahdaviyat from the Onset of Islam to the Present Day”, with a short history of the ensuing revelation] of the Bab and Baha, is a book the like of which has not yet been published in Iran since the past century. A few volumes of this book are left; should the book-lovers or book publishers in various cities be interested in corresponding with its author, they could refer to Afshin Publishers.

The temporary address of Afshin Publishers: Lalehzar Avenue, Bahar Street

General Press Distributor, Asghar Moradi 

No. 395