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[Newspaper:] Ruznameh-e Rasmi

[Date:] 29 Mehr 1387 [20 October 2008]

[Issue No.:] 18538

[Page:] 17


Number: 12258

13 Mehr 1387 [4 October 2008]

Announcement of changes in Hazeldar Livestock and Agriculture Company

(Limited liability company, Registered No. 81)

According to the minutes of the special general meeting of the Board of Directors held on 31 Shahrivar 1387 [22 August 2008], the following changes have been made in the above company.

  1. Mr. Ziaollah Makari, Aziz Khanjani, Asghar Khanjani and Bahman Khanjani, Bahram Khanjani, Ali- Akbar Khanjani, Zahra Hedayati, Babavardi Khanjani, Fatemeh Khanjani, Parvin Zabihinejad, Houshang Zabihinejad, Shahpassand Zabihinejad, and Ali Zabihinejad, upon receiving their relevant shares, they will leave the company. Also, according to Article 7 of the Constitution, reducing the share of Ms. Shamsijan Khanjani to amount of 126,729 rials, due to reduction in the company’s capital from 7,924,740 rials to 6,050,770 rials
  2. The widely circulated Resalat newspaper was chosen to insert the advertisements of the company.
  3. Mr. Parviz Khanjani was selected as the main inspector and Mr. Nariman Behin-Aien Hamgini as the alternate inspector of the company for one year.

Number 22990

Head of Lands and Deeds Registry Office of Mehdishahr