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In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful,


To the residents of Darrehshour!


In view of the difficulties and troubles that have been created for you, I, Sharia judge and head of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Yasouj, and the assistant prosecutor general of the Islamic Revolutionary Court, accompanied by our brothers from the Revolutionary Guard, along with an officer from the Gendarmerie (police) Battalion, Mr. Fatemizadeh, and the deputy of the Gendarmerie station of Meimand, went to the places of your residence and, upon observing the conditions and meeting with a number of you in the Kata and Darrehshahr, we have made our decision as follows:


The trouble-makers and assailants will be arrested as soon as possible and will be prosecuted.  For a period of one week from this date the officers of the [Gendarmerie] station will protect your cattle and possessions, and after seeing this letter, you may return immediately to your places of residence and resume your lives at home with utmost safety and security.  Clearly, any time you meet with difficulties, the Court and the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Revolution and the law enforcement officers will be the supporters and protectors of your life, property, and honour.  You can come to us to have your rights reinstated.  The law will be enforced in your case, as it is in the case of our Muslim brothers.  If you do not return to your place of residence, appropriate decisions will be made about your property and cattle within one week. %


Dated 18 Azar 1360 [9 December 1981]

[Signature]- 18 Azar 1360 [9 December 1981]


Abbas Kamyari, Assistant to the Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Yasouj.


[Signature]- [Number:] [Illegible]


Deputy of the Gendarmerie Station of Meimand,