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Ministry of the Interior

Governorate of Faridan




The Honourable Governor General of the Province of Isfahan

With regard to the contra-routine and propagation activities of a few minority Baha’is in the village of Eskandari, enclosed, I would like to return and present the original copy of letter number 101/M of 31 Ordibehesht 1341 [21 May 1962] and the copy of the letter from Ayatollah Shahabod-din Al-Hoseini Al-Najafi and explain that this matter was initially under consideration by the head of the district, and was lately studied by the Gendarmerie [police force] of the area, as a result of the notice of the Governorate (from the point of view of maintaining law and order and prevention of any adversarial incidents during the period of mourning[1]). It became clear that two women were sent there by the Assembly of the Baha’is of Isfahan for the education of the children of the mentioned minority for [the purpose of] teaching religious lessons. Demonstrations which were observed during these activities have worried the Muslims (who comprise the majority of the local residents of the village) and [they] were afraid that awful incidents may happen. According to letter no. 15/M of 20 Khordad 1341[10 June 1962], the head of the police force sent a few of its people to the village of Eskandari to stop any clashes during the days of Tasua and Ashura. Reports number --------- and number ---------- of which copies are enclosed, confirm the course of events, and at present any sorts of clashes and accidents have been prevented.


You are requested to express your views on the residents and stopping the mentioned women and their propagation activities, so that actions can be taken accordingly.


The Governor General of Faridan - Madanipour

Number: 17/M-date: 28 Khordad 1341-[18 June 1962].



A copy, enclosed with two pages of copies of letters No. 2014-24 Khordad 1341 [14 June 1962] and No. 402 - 19 Khordad 1941 [9 June 1962] from the police force, as well as the original letter from Ayatollah referring to letter number 3661/7N -29 Ordibehesht 1341 [19 May 1962] of the Ministry of the Interior, is being forwarded.


Governor General of Faridan- Madanipour [signature]   


[Handwritten Note 1:] [Stamp: Received at Confidential Office of Political Section, No: 4977, date: 5 Tir 1341 [26 June 1962]

[Handwritten Note 2:] Records - 5 Tir 1341 [26 June 1962]

[Handwritten Note 3;] File of the Baha’is, No 964 -21 Farvardin 1341 [10 April 1962] was delivered to Office of Inspection



[1] Period of mourning refers to the month of Muharram