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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan Havaei

[Date:] Wednesday 25 Bahman 1368 - 14 February 1990

[Issue No.:] 867

[Page:] 14


Open letter of an Iranian tertiary student to the Human Rights Representative

International Players and Unholy Standards of Human Rights.

[Newspaper] Kayhan

[Date:] 10 Bahman 1368 [30 January 1990]

The Last Section

Concurrent with the trip of Mr.  Reynaldo Galindo Pohl, the special envoy of the Human Rights Commission to Iran, an open letter addressed to him from a tertiary student was printed in the Kayhan newspaper, the first section of which you have read in the previous issue.  [Here is] the last part of it ….

… The Honourable Mr. Reynaldo Galindo Pohl…in conclusion, I would again draw your attention to this sensitive point: In all the letters of the Human Rights Commission against the Islamic Republic, especially the one published on 2 November 1989, unfortunately, the sources of reports are the fugitive terrorists and professional murderers who, in order to achieve their political ambitions, use every strategy to fabricate documents and lists, the stories of which I previously mentioned. Of course not only those people, but also agents and elements of Zionism, have a long history of assisting you to prepare such reports. You are well aware that, during the autocratic regime of Pahlavi, an insignificant minority group, named Baha’is, had succeeded across this land [in] influencing very sensitive and key centres of this country and had become the sole directors and stage managers, of the occupation of the prime ministerial position, for over thirteen years, by the late Hoveyda; this is not hidden from you. They were those who opened the doors for the entry of Zionists, and [had] their influence in Iran’s most important centres, in collaboration with the deposed king. Fortunately, after the victory of the Revolution, the abhorred system of His Imperial Majesty was rolled up and they were dispersed, and many of them, after looting the country’s treasures, being afraid of the nation’s wrath, escaped the country. Some of them, like Hoveyda, were dragged to justice and had to account for their actions.


It is worth noting that since then, all the trumpets of Zionism have accused us of violence and the violation of “human rights”.  The international organizations such as Amnesty International have insulted the Islamic Republic for punishing these spies and their allies, using propaganda about the “massacre of the Baha’is”. Above all, this group always uses titles such as “reporter” and “sources of news” to report on their own information. It is no doubt that the outcome of such reports is set beforehand and their identity [made] clear.

Zaynol-Abedin Seddigh