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Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone


From Boroujen to [Tehran]

Number 27

Date: 24 Tir 1325 [15 July 1946]


The Office of the Governor General

Copy to: Newspaper: Naqsh-e Jahan

Copy to: Newspaper: Rah-e Nejat

Copy to: The Union of Isfahan Clergy

Copy to: Newspaper: Isfahan

Copy to: His Excellency the Prime Minister

Copy to: The Minister of the Interior

Copy to: Newspaper: Meehan

Copy to: Anjoman-e Tablighat-e Islami


Since today coincides with the night of the birth of Imam Ḥujjat [the 12th Imam], and the people of Boroujen have been illuminating the streets and celebrating this important religious event, a couple of Baha’is in streets and alleys have insulted the indisputable religion of Islam and have [expressed] derogatory insults to it. Not being satisfied with all of this, they began forming groups and protesting against the Muslims of Boroujen. They even hurt and injured a couple of Muslims.

Currently, through the intervention of the military garrison and the local police force, a serious clash has been prevented and nearly ten thousand Muslims in Boroujen have gathered and [formed a] tahasson [sought refuge] outside the [the post office] and are asking for the punishment and banishment of these dirty elements from Boroujen. While seeking assistance from all members of the Muslim community, we request that the authorities arrest and punish the enemies of Islam. Should they not pay any attention, the authorities will be responsible for any future undesired happening.

On Behalf of all Muslims in Boroujen

[Side note:] It must be reported that this telegraph has not been sent. You may instruct as you may deem it necessary. [Signature: Pakdaman]