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In the Name of God

Islamic Revolutionary Court

City of Qazvin



The Islamic Republic of Iran


Date: 19/ [4]/61 [10 July 1982]

Number: 60/794

Enclosure: ---------


Director of the Imam Sadeq Hospital in Qazvin


We hereby declare that there is no objection to the delivery of the corpses of: Mohammad Mansouri to Mr. Valiollah Mansouri; Jadidollah Ashraf to his widow, Mrs. Fatemeh Ashraf; Manouchehr Farzaneh-Moayyed to his widow, Mrs. Mehrangiz Samadani; and Mohammad Abbasi to his widow, Mrs. Zivar Abbasi; and the regulations concerning the issuance of burial certificate can be carried out according to normal procedure.


Deputy [illegible]


[signed over official stamp]

Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Qazvin