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Record of interrogation and proceedings


Islamic Republic of Iran

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The Islamic Revolutionary Courts -Yazd Province

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Court file 1559/74/D

Court Order Number 1569/74/D-R

On 22 Shahrivar 1374 [13 September 1995], Branch 1 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Yazd, presided over by the undersigned, heard case number 70/59/263. The contents of the file having been reviewed, the hearing is concluded and the verdict is as follows:



Concerning file number 70/59/263, [regarding] Khodamorad Peyman, son of Bahman, the contents of the file and the report of the Department of Intelligence of Yazd, number 2187/M/233, dated 9 Shahrivar 1374 [31 August 1995] indicate that the aforementioned, [who] was a follower of the perverse and Zionist Baha'i sect, and [whose] children are of the same sect, has passed away.  The Court, therefore, is of the view that he has died intestate. In accordance with the blessed law of Imam Khomeini, the Great Leader and the Founder of the Islamic Republic, it is ordered that his properties be confiscated for the benefit of the Yazd Division of the Imam’s Executive Headquarters.


Head of the First Branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice – Yazd [Signature]


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