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In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran

Record of interrogation and proceedings

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Name: Aminollah

Surname: Taleb, son of Ezzatollah

Branch 42

Date: 23/10/1364 [13 January 1986]

File number: 1/54989/2/6


Head of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran

With greetings, in respect to the allegations against 1- Ezzatollah Taleb, 2- Aminollah Taleb, it is submitted that based on the investigations and the file documents, they are active members of the perverse Baha’i sect.  The second accused is a fugitive abroad who with the support of his infidel masters, is actively operating against the Revolution and Muslims, and is instrumental in strengthening the conspiracy against the Islamic Republic.  These people, after the victory of the Iranian Islamic Revolution, found their interests at risk and in direct opposition to the Islamic Republic and the current regime, and have fled the country and taken with them as many assets as they could, so as to be able to live their abhorrent lives for a while.  They were unable to take with them the properties that they have in Iran.  It is probable that, in the future, these properties will be sold by their accomplices, and that the proceeds will be sent abroad.  This file must be investigated, and in order not to waste the properties and payment of their debts until the final order is made, is it requested that the entirety of the mentioned assets be confiscated.  It must be noted that, as per the file documents, the above-mentioned individuals are members of the perverse Baha’i sect, and the second accused is currently a fugitive who lives abroad.  The identified assets are as follows:

1 - Two shares of the first storey and two shares of the fourth storey of the building located in Iran [redacted], belonging to Aminollah Taleb, son of Ezzatollah.

In conclusion, it is requested that a supervisor be appointed [illegible].

Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor in economic matters

[signature over official stamp]

23/10/1364 [13 January 1986]