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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Omana Company (confiscated)

(Privately held)

[Address] [Redacted]

Telegram title: (OmanaCo.)

Date: 20 Farvardin 1359 [9 April 1980]

Number: 35

Enclosure: ------


Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Hamadan

As all the properties of the Omana and Nawnahalan companies were seized and confiscated since 18 Khordad 1358 [8 June 1979], an amount equivalent to Council levy (20,000 rial for each dead body) is payable to me, Morteza Hesari, attorney of the confiscated Omana company, for all the dead buried in the Baha’i cemetery of Hamadan from the above date until now.

These duties also apply henceforth to all the Baha’is whose dead are buried in the Baha’i cemetery.


Morteza Hesari


Attorney of the confiscated Omana Company