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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Default Judgment:


In accordance with Article 33 of the Labour Law, the employer— Omana Company-- administered by the  Mostazafin Foundation — is ordered to pay the complainant, Mr. Houshang Aghdasi, the sum of 405,000 rials, plus a sum of 4,600 rials for rent and food rebate for the months of Farvardin and Ordibehesht of the year 1358 [21 March to 21 May 1979], and in accordance with Article 15 of the Labour Law, the sum of 32,400 rials for leave of absence, totalling 442,800 rials, (four hundred and forty two thousand and eight hundred rials).  Clearly, upon receipt of the above payments, the complainant will have no right to [any further] claim upon the employer concerning remittances for any of the above [entitlements].


Representative of the Department of Labour in Tehran



[Official stamp]

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Islamic Republic of Iran

Department of Labour and Social Affairs – Tehran Head Office


Complainant: [Signature]