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Department: Investigations

Office: ------

Subject:  Prosecution of nine Baha’i individuals in Sangsar



Ministry of the Interior

National Police Headquarters


Date: 24 Shahrivar 1316 [15 September 1937]

Number: 19101/1287

Attachment: ------




The Prime Minister

Pursuant to letter number (8442) regarding the telegram received from a number of women in Sangsar and their complaint that their relatives had been arrested because of their being Baha’is, we convey the following.

With reliance upon Habibollah Foroughian, the secretary of the government of Sangsar, the Baha’is there have often held demonstrations and engaged in propaganda. Recently, on 23 Tir 1316 [14 July 1937], a report was received from the Semnan Police Department indicating that the Baha’is of Sangsar had demonstrated, closed their shops, and had gone out of town because the day coincided with the [anniversary of the] birth of Seyyed Ali-Mohammad Shirazi.

The head of Semnan Police Department was ordered to personally travel to the location to investigate. After interrogating nine of them, and in order to prevent their demonstrations, he began legal prosecution against them. Subsequently, a special agent was sent from the capital to interrogate and find out the truth. As reported by the agent, and as a result of the interrogation of the trusted sources in the local community, the agents, and the Baha’is themselves, there was no doubt remaining about their demonstrations and propaganda, and they clearly confessed to being Baha’is.


They have also said that according to the published Baha’i calendar, nine days in each year are designated as holy days, and the aforementioned day was one of them; hence they closed their shops.  Even Foroughian, the government secretary, upon interrogation, has confessed in writing to being a Baha’i. In addition, he has confidentially sent, through a Baha’i, the sum of five hundred rials to the agent that was sent there from the capital, asking him to help the Baha’is.

The file of the incident, along with the exact sum of money, has been sent to the local court.

Head of National Police Headquarters – Lieutenant Mokhtar



[Stamp: Receipt by the Cabinet of the Prime Minister] - Date: 27 Shahrivar 1316 [18 September 1937] - Number: 9391


[Handwritten note 1:] Write to Ministry of the Interior that, as Foroughian, a Baha’i from Shiraz who is the secretary of the Sangsar government, is making demonstrations about this matter, which is contrary to government’s policies and views, it would be best if the place of his service were changed or he were assigned to [illegible].

[Handwritten note 2:] The records of the court [illegible] [signature]