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Office of the Prime Minister


 Date of transcription: 15/6/1326-[7 September 1947],

Date of registration: 18/6/1326-[10 September 1947];

Number: 4/1746  




The Ministry of the Interior


Regarding letter number 6693/8399/M- [Dated:]9/6/1326-[18 September 1947] and the attached copy of a report from the Headquarters of the Gendarmerie regarding the looting of Dr. Samimi’s house and the setting ablaze of the [local building owned by the] Assembly of the Baha’is, it is stated that regarding propagation [of their Faith] by Baha’i’s in the cities whenever a report is received, to prevent the propagation, which was causing agitation and provocation among the locals that resulted in some reaction from the Office of the Prime Minister, action was taken as necessary and appropriate orders given to the Governors-General and the Governorates, as it had been predicted from the outset that such propagation would certainly have a deleterious effect on the Muslims and could result in some action taken against the Baha’is and Baha’i propagators.  This event has without doubt come about as the result of a lack of moderation and the intemperate actions of the [Baha’i] propagators. 


The majority of the provocation, as has been shown in the past, are from those spiteful and seditious persons who use the differences of religions and ideologies as a means to promote their sinister intentions; under this pretence they disturb the foundation of the people’s peace and security.  At the beginning of year 1323 [1944] when these differences were at their highest, the Ministry [of the Interior] communicated [consulted] with the Ministry of Justice, and consequently the Ministry of Justice issued a circular letter, number 18208-31/5/1323- [22 August 1944] (copy attached) to the Public Prosecutor’s Offices, as well as the District and City Courts, indicating that, with the assistance of government authorities and reliable locals, it was necessary to ensure that such adventure-seekers be persecuted without leniency and receive the full force of punishment under the law. Now also the Governors-General and Governorates are reminded that for the protection of security, and civil rest, and for the prevention of corruption as set out in the law, decisions be made as necessary and with due diplomacy, and before incidents occur that would create difficulties, the instigators and the riotous should be persecuted seriously in accordance with the law.  


A copy of this letter, together with a copy of the letter received from that Ministry, was sent to the Ministry of Justice, [which was instructed] to follow the instructions previously given to the Offices of the Public Prosecutors and District Courts [requesting that the] necessary attention be paid [to this matter].


Prime Minister


Copy, with a copy of the letter of the Ministry of the Interior and its attachments, will be forwarded to the Ministry of Justice for its information and its issuance of the necessary instructions.


Prime Minister