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[Office of the] Prime Minister


Date: 24 Tir 1334 [16 July 1955]

Number: 7682

Enclosure: -----




Dear Minister of the Interior

As you may remember, the government intends to prevent any kind of propaganda that would be in opposition to the luminous religion of Islam and the Constitution.  And given that Baha’i propaganda and the employees who have joined the perverse Baha’i sect in government service fall within the ambit of this decision, it is necessary that you issue an order that, first, the centres of Baha’i propaganda in every area be closed down, and second, in light of sections 2 to 8 of the Public Services Employment Act, enacted on 22 Azar 1301 [14 December 1922] and sections 1 to 5 of the Employment of the Judges Act, enacted on 25 Esfand 1306 [16 March 1928], employees who are known to be immoral or who profess to be followers of religions that are not recognized in the Constitution must be dismissed from government employment.  Please review the employment records of your ministry and its related organizations and dismiss any employees who insist on professing Baha’ism as their religion.  Of course, you must exercise the utmost care and fairness and pure motivation in carrying out this order, and avoid any action that might disturb the peace or otherwise be unwise.

Prime Minister [Hosein Ala]


A copy is sent to the Ministry of Post and Telegraph in order for them to carry out the section of the foregoing that relates to them.


Prime Minister


[Handwritten note on top of the page]


[Illegible] Tir 1334 [June/July 1955]


[Handwritten note at the bottom of page]

Office Personnel, act according to the directive.

25 Tir 1334 [17 July 1955]