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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Date: 11 Shahrivar 1326 [3 September 1947]

Number: 1697/4


Prime Minister


With utmost respect, this is to inform you:

Your letter dated 4 Shahrivar [27 August] of this year, enclosing a petition from tradesmen and businessmen in Karaj, was received. I am utterly grateful that you honoured me by referring this to me. As per your view, a detailed reported was issued to the Ministry of Agriculture, a copy of which is enclosed. You will be duly informed of the Ministry’s response.  

Best wishes,

Mohammad Ghavam



[Handwritten note at the bottom of page]


9 Shahrivar [1 September]

He [was] ordered to remove the sentence “a copy of which is enclosed”, and re-submit for signature.

9 Shahrivar [1 September]