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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Year: 1325][?][1946-47]


His Excellency the Prime Minister, copy to Ministry of Finance, copy to Personnel Department for temporary employees, copy of the leader’s letter, copy to Ayeen-e Islam

The Department of Finance in Yazd, contrary to clause 4, Article 2, of the Law of National Employment, has hired a group of ignorant and atheistic individuals who have, in writing, introduced their religion as the perverse and filthy Baha’i religion.  They have been given the best positions, and without any hesitation, once again, the position of head of Agricultural Affairs has been given to Azizollah Akhavanol-Safa, who has, in his own writing (based on the documentation in his personnel file), [stated that he] considers the Baha’i religion as the religion of his father and mother.  We hereby call the attention of the relevant authorities, especially His Excellency the Prime Minister, to this unlawful act, and expect that you will issue an urgent order regarding this matter as soon as possible.


A Haghgou


[Margin:] There is no signature.  To be filed.