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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Parvin Gonabadi

Member of Parliament

Date: 24 Shahrivar 1323 [16 September 1955]


Mr. Prime Minister,

As you are aware, mysterious hands are at work to disturb the peace in most parts of our country, and according to the opinion of most experts, only one source has planned all these incidents in the cities of Esfahan, Semnan, Shahroud, Damghan and other regions. Fortunately, a major incident has not yet occurred in Khorasan, and if there have been some activities going on in small towns such as Gonabad, Ferdous and Quchan, the agitators have been prevented before they could succeed.

I have been informed that some malicious elements have planned a major commotion. They have formed 500 committees in Mashhad with various names, such as Abolfazli, Ali Akbari, Ghasemi, Hoseini, and Hasani, and when they have exhausted all the names of the imams, they have selected names such as Hani Ebne Orweh, Moslem Ebne Agheel, etc. These committees have created administrative structures, flags and special logos. The regressive thinking elements [reactionaries] serve them tea and food, and each night they participate in “Seeneh-Zani[1]”[self-flagellation]. If authorities do not take appropriate measures to prevent the expansion of these rebellious attacks, it will undoubtedly lead to a major commotion and incalculable bloodshed in Khorasan in the future.

Recently, they disseminated flyers amongst the residents and provoked the public to show hatred towards the enemies of the religion; I have attached a copy [of the flyer] for your information.

Based on reliable information, a clergyman from Mashhad, by the name of Haj Mirza Ahmad, is the main culprit in these operations.

To fulfill my national duty, I am reporting these facts to the government, and hope that urgent actions will be taken to safeguard Iran’s dignity in the sight of others.


[Handwritten note:] Write to Ministry of the Interior 26 Shahrivar [18 September]



[1] [Special form of mourning procession when usually men beat their breast by hands or a chain and is common amongst Shi’a Muslim during commemoration of Imam Hosein’s martyrdom. Some have considered it as self-flagellation]