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The Prime Minister


Dated: 4 Khordad 1320 [25 May 1941]

Number: 2782


The Chief of Staff of the Imperial Court


Some reports have been received at the Court of His Imperial Highness the Shah from the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces, reporting that the heads of some governmental departments, especially the Department of Culture, in the cities of the Sixth Province, have been involved in Baha’i propaganda and have acted openly and held activities in this regard such as holding meetings and making statements. His Imperial Highness has personally issued an absolute command that an investigation should be carefully conducted, [and] those guilty [of these acts] should be prosecuted and these activities promptly terminated.  His Imperial Highness’s absolute command in this regard has also been issued through the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces. Since the Justice Minister has travelled to those regions for certain official inspections, the content of this Imperial absolute command was conveyed to him, that he is to remind them that such propaganda and activities, particularly by government employees, are strictly prohibited, and are subject to severe prosecution. It is necessary for him [the Justice Minister] to personally investigate the matter and report the results to His Imperial Court. Enclosed we hereby submit copies of two telegrams – one from Ahvaz, another from Malayer, that have been received in this regard.  Please report on this matter to His Imperial Presence.


The Prime Minister



[Handwritten note 1:] Summary of reports received were reported to the Army Staff.

[Handwritten note 2:] Renewed.  4 Khordad 1320 [25 May 1941] Molk[ol-Kalami].