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Office of the Prime Minister

Number: 12399

Date of Final Copy: 30 Shahrivar [1323] [21 September 1944]

Date of Registration 3 Mehr 1323 [25 September 1944]


Mr. Parvin Gonabadi, honourable member of the National Consultative Assembly

Regarding [your] letter dated 24 Shahrivar 1323 [15 September 1944], instructions were issued to the Ministry of the Interior about the matter that you had mentioned, that they may investigate and enquire carefully and strictly prevent any incidents that might disturb the social order.


The Prime Minister


[Handwritten Note1:] [Signature] 29 Shahrivar 1323 [20 September 1944]

[Handwritten Note2:] It was prepared, 3 Mehr 1323 [25 September 1944]