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Ministry of the Interior,

Law Enforcement Department

Date: 4/11/1326 [25 January 1948]

Number: M/14179/N/26578

Enclosure: None


Urgent and Confidential


Mr. Prime Minister


In reference to letter number 20399 – 29/10/1326 [20 January 1948] to the Office of the Governor General of the Seventh Province and Iran’s Police Force and National Gendarmerie, sufficient and necessary orders were issued for keeping a proper order and to seriously prevent provocation of those causing disturbance in the social order or triggering an obstacle to peace; and to severely prosecute the perpetrators.


Interior Minister, [signature]


[Margin 1:] Number 3552/4 – 5/11/1326 [26 January 1948]

[Margin 2:] Record, 5/11/1326 [26 January 1948]

[Margin 3:] Reviewed, to be archived. 7/11/1326 [28 January 1948]