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Prime Minister


Date: 8 Shahrivar 1326 [31 August 1947]

Number: 4/1679


Honourable Minister of Agriculture,


According to the received report, Baha’is have recently chosen Karaj for their activities, and in addition to having established different institutions, they are intending to infiltrate the government departments and offices. For instance, Engineer Abbas Davachi, son of Gholam-Ali, the pharmacist, who is a famous Baha’i, has been appointed head of the Faculty of Agriculture, which has caused people to complain. Also, in the Sugar Factory of Karaj, as per information received, the Baha’is have groups and intend to expand their infiltration. Please have the matter investigated, and, if the finding confirms [the reports in this] case, immediately consider another person for the leadership of the said faculty. About the Baha’i employees of the Sugar Factory, whoever incites or causes unrest should be investigated and the result brought to the attention of the Prime Minister.  The stay of these individuals in Karaj while they propagate, in the light of local situation, is not to the benefit and the welfare of the place. 


Head of the Office of the Prime Minister