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Office of the Prime Minister


[Registered date:] 10 Mehr 1323 [2 October 1944]

[Date of clear copy:] 8 Mehr [1323] [30 September 1944]

[Number:] 1344


Confidential, Urgent


His Honour, the Minister of Justice,


Mr. Sadriyyeh, member of the National Consultative Assembly, has written a letter concerning the recent event of Shahroud and the meddling of some of the authorities in the issue. He claims that credible information has been received in this connection. The authorities of the Justice Administration of Shahroud, (meaning head of the Justice Administration, the public prosecutor, and the interrogator) have made similar interventions in the past. He adds that the mentioned authorities are close relatives of each other. [For the last] four or five years, their area of service has not changed from Semnan; therefore, they have become part of the local [community and biased] about the local matters. At the end of his letter, he remarks that he has also mentioned his concerns in this regard to Mr. Mamaqani, the former minister of justice, and that His Honour, however, despite being in agreement that the location of the service of the mentioned authorities should be altered, postponed the action on the matter until the return of the interrogator and the presentation of his report. Regarding the background of the matter, please report the result of the actions taken in this respect and include the copies of the report of the interrogator, as well as the relevant decision that has been taken on the subject.


Prime Minister