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Date: -----13

Number: 56

Attachment: -------


Ministry of the Interior

Governorate of Shahrekord and Bakhtiari


Confidential and direct

Your Excellency, the Governor General of the Tenth Province

A group of the local residents have written letters of complaint regarding the banishment of the Baha’i residents of Shahrekord, a copy of which is attached for your information.

In order to prevent any incident during the days of Moharam, a few of the Baha’i men were called to appear at the governorate office and were appropriately cautioned. As a result of this action, incidents such as the ones that happened in other parts [of the country], did not occur in Shahrekord at all; also because Mr. Eshraghi, the manager of the [Melli] Bank, went on leave. Although in fulfilling the administrative work he is an organized and decent man, since this fact is true about him [i.e. he is a Baha’i], it is requested that the Melli Central Bank be instructed—now that he is on leave—to prevent him from returning to his positon and to substitute another person in this post.

Governor of Shahrekord and Bakhtiari - Kheradpisheh]


[Handwritten notes]

The copy of above account is sent to the Ministry of the Interior for recording and issuance of appropriate instruction.

The Governor of Shahrekord and Bakhtiari - Kheradpisheh


56 -2 [Date:] 22 Aban 1329 [13 November 1950]

[Stamp of registration at the confidential office of the Ministry of the Interior]

Number: 7742

Date: 1 Azar 1329 [22 November 1950]