[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Public number: 76001

Private number: 8195

Ledger: -----

Case: -----


Ministry of the Interior

Office: Political

Department: ----- Branch: -----

Type of draft: -----

Subject of the draft: -----

Enclosure: One page

Scribe: -----

Date of transcription: 7 Farvardin 1323 [27 March 1944]

Date of registration: -----

Date of writing: -----

Exit date: 6 Farvardin 1323 [26 March 1944]


The Provincial Governorate General of the Seventh Province

A copy of the telegram signed by Nourollah Hadipour and addressed to the prime minister in regard to the instigations of a number of the inhabitants of Abadeh and creation of religious conflict, is hereby enclosed in order to [illegible] prevent any protests which would disturb local security and would create division. Report the outcome of your actions, too.

Minister of the Interior


Director General


[Handwritten numbers at the top of the page]