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Ministry of the Interior;

Date: 9 Khordad 1323 [30 May 1944]

Delving into Qom’s Telegraph


Ministry of the Interior,


Often, under the name of the “Muslim Society” they write and mail it locally, saying, “If you do not take action to expel the Baha’is, we will take action ourselves.” Today some people from Qom’s Shahr-e naw” [new city], wrote and signed a letter to the police force and the Governorate Office. The necessary instruction was sent to the police. It is requested that in order to prevent any unwanted incident, you agree with the Commission’s decision, as stated under article number 7 and take the necessary steps, as soon as possible. 24.


Azam Rokni


[Handwritten note 1:] To be reported

[Handwritten note 2:] As the decision of the Commission did not [reflect] the [severity] of the penalty for the people with [criminal] records, it was decided to rewrite the report for the Governorate Office. 3/13