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[The Difficult Task of Monitoring Constitutional Compliance[1]]

Section 7, Minorities

[Page:] 629


In the Name of God

Number 80-7812

Dated 17 Dey 1380 [7 January 2002]


Hojjatol-Islam Dr. Rouhani

Esteemed Secretary of the Supreme Council for National Security

Dr. Kharrazi

Esteemed Minister of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Mehrpour

[Legal Counsel] for the President and Head of Investigation and Oversight of Enforcement of the Constitution


Letter number M/80-7662, dated 10 Dey 1380 [31 December 2001], from the deputy to the president for legal and [Islamic] Consultative Assembly affairs, along with its attachments, regarding the perverse Baha’i sect (copies attached), was presented to the president.  He replied:

“Dr. Rowhani

Dr. Kharrazi

Dr. Mehrpour

Please review and find a solution.  I had previously referred a similar matter to you.  In all cases, I think that it is unacceptable that something that was considered to have been resolved in 1367 [1988-1989] is considered a problem today.”

Seyyed Ali Khatami


[1] From a book: The Difficult Task of Monitoring Constitutional Compliance- Vazifeh Doshvar-e Nezarat bar Ejraeh Ghanoon-e Asasee 1376 – 1384 (1997-2006). Dr. Hosein Mehrpour, Tehran, Saales Publication, 1384 (2005)