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Ministry of the Interior

The Office of the Governor General of the Eighth Province


[Date: 15 Mehr 1331 (7 October 1952)]

[Number: 9574]


Confidential and Eyes only


The Office of the Governor General of the Eighth Province


Before noon on Tuesday 8 Mehr 1331 [30 September 1952] (Ashura[1]), in Hasanabad village, which is located 18 kilometres away from the city and where most of the owners are Baha’is, a huge number of residents of the village and adjacent villages had gathered for mourning in a pilgrimage place called Mazar-e Sheikh Abdul-Hosein located next to Hasanabad.  They then demolished the house of the assembly of the Hasanabad Baha’is, and burned furniture consisting of a few tables, chairs, carpets and pictures, etc.  The gendarmes who had previously been dispatched to the above-mentioned village, only managed to prevent the crowd from attacking the homes of Baha’is. As soon as the report was received, the Commander of Gendarmerie went to the location to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators and instigators.  Since the phone of the Office of the Governor General was not answered, the matter was reported to the Commander of the Army Legion and a request was made to immediately dispatch a group of army forces or gendarmes to Rafsanjan to prevent any possible incident in the city, as a huge crowd had come to the city from the villages for mourning and it was possible that they could be influenced to commit serious offences.  Apparently, a number of gendarmes were immediately dispatched to Rafsanjan.


Governor of Rafsanjan

9574 – 15 Mehr 1331 [7 October 1952]


Copy of the above report is submitted following number 9334 – 10 Mehr 1331 [2 October 1952] for the information of the Ministry of the Interior.


Governor General of the Eighth Province, [signature]


[Handwritten Note: 1] Following … records to be sent to the relevant (Law Enforcement) Office, 24 Mehr [1331] [16 October 1952]

[Handwritten Note 2:] Records: 28 Mehr [1331] [20 October 1952]

[Handwritten Note 3:] Number N/M/2294 – 28 Mehr [1331] [20 October 1952]

[Stamp:] Registered at the confidential Book of the Ministry of the Interior, number: 9862, date: 26 Mehr 1331 [28 October 1952]





[1][The “tenth” day of the month of Muharram on which the Prophet’s grandson, Imam Hussain, was martyred and became the symbol of martyrdom in Islam]