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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Official Website of Khaneh Kheshti of Rafsanjan

[Date:] 7 Azar 1393 [28 November 2014]


Baha’ism is a Perverse Sect, and Any Communication With Baha’is is Religiously Prohibited and Najis[1]

According to the Khaneh Kheshti reporter, the Friday prayer leader of Rafsanjan, in the first sermon of Friday prayers today, advising on divine virtues and obligations, said, “Paying attention to one’s wife is an important matter, and the Prophet (BPUH) considered that looking at the wife’s face increases the attraction of God’s love.”

Referring to the effect of a well-behaved child on the forgiveness of the deceased parents, he noted, “Educating a child is important for the children, and beneficial to the parents and others.”

Hojatoleslam Ramazanipour [said that he] considered the role of education in the development of children and the stature of the believer in the presence of God important. He said, “Parents, by performing this duty, should protect their children, and the best time for their education is during childhood and adolescence.”

He said that he considered the second seven years of a child’s life important; he added, “Most of the victories and defeats in adulthood are rooted in perfection and lack of education respectively.

In the second sermon, the Friday prayer leader of Rafsanjan, referring to the words of Imam Sadiq (BPUH) regarding insight and enhancement in insight, reminded everyone that, “The way to reach the union with the Beloved is always blocked, and the Holy Imams and Prophets have provided the pathway for the servants of God and advised them about the reality and the purpose [of union].”

He pointed out, “If a person wants to reach union with the Beloved, he must be in the field of action and be conscious and knowledgeable. Action without insight is like a person who walks in the opposite direction.

Referring to the sedition of 1388 [2009], he said, “In this sedition, there were expert people who were ignorant, as in the time of the Commander of the Faithful [His Holiness Ali], such people without insight did enter the Cause.”

Hojatoleslam Ramazanipour, referring to the vote of confidence in the minister of science by the members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, said, “Dr. Farhadi has been approved for this position, and we hope that he will be able to perform his duties well in this serious position.”

Referring to the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian Nation, he added, “The goal of the Israelis is to disregard the Palestinian people, but according to the orders of the supreme leader of the Revolution among the country’s elites, this is a takfiri[2] movement, out of which ISIS is born.”

Referring to the advice of the supreme leader of the Revolution, who said that the relentless campaign of the parliament is to look at priorities, especially economic resilience, he noted, “Economic resilience is the only way to save the country.”

Regarding Baha’ism in Rafsanjan, he added, “Baha’ism is not a religion, but a perverse sect, and people should know that any communication with Baha’is is religiously prohibited and najis.”

The Friday prayer leader of Rafsanjan, referring to the mourning that concerns the parents, added, “Young people, with awareness, and without imitating others, and those people who help the delegations, should be careful, and should refrain from wounding themselves [on the head] with a poniard.”

He said that he considered it important to educate the guilds regarding the sacred practice and religious issues and said, “Marketers being aware of religious issues should avoid sinning and slipping by.”

He expressed hope: “The [Fortieth Day remembrance of the martyrdom of Imam Husayn, third Imam of Shia Muslims] walk from Najaf to Karbala has valuable effects on society and many people in our city have taken action in this regard.”



[1] [Najis:  Ritually impure/unclean]

[2] [Takfiri: Anti-Muslim apostasy]