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In the Name of God


Air Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Number 701-03-14

Date: 13 Esfand 1358 [3 March 1980]

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From: Air Force Fighter Base 7 (Personnel - Officers)

To:  The General, Air Force Headquarters of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Deputy Administrative Officers)

Subject: Second Adjutant Lieutenant Khalil Honarvar

Pursuant to Order number 701-03-4/A - [date:] 12 Esfand 1358 [2 March 1980]

1- In accordance with your instructions, the above-mentioned officer was dismissed on 1 Esfand 1358 [20 February 1980], after twenty years and four months of loyal service in the Air Force.

2- According to the information in his personnel file and the testimony of present and former commanders, and also his colleagues, the aforementioned [officer] is disciplined, diligent, and loyal to his occupation and profession, and fulfilled his duties prior to and after the victory of the Islamic Revolution. He has voluntarily worked after hours without remuneration. In addition, he has not proselytized his beliefs at this base at all, to the extent that most of his colleagues were not aware of his religious beliefs.

3- In light of the above-mentioned points, and based on the Legal Bill [Act/Bill number 402-02/22-96] dealing with the employment of individuals who do not belong to a religion that is officially recognized [by the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran], which was distributed to this unit on 4 Esfand 1358 [23 February 1980], please send us instructions as to how we can proceed to address matters related to the retirement of the above-mentioned officer.

Deputy Commander of Air Base 7- Colonel Pilot, Daneshmandi


Colonel Sadeghpour

09-01-5NA (B)