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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] Monday 14 Shahrivar 1362 [5 September 1983]

[Issue No:] 17101

[Page:] 13


By the Order of Central Islamic Revolutionary Court, 32 Baha’i Lawyers’ Practicing Licences Were Cancelled


By the order of the Central Islamic Revolutionary Court, the practicing licences of a group of lawyers of the Justice Administration, accused of participation in secret plots of the hellish organization of the CIA, were cancelled.


Along the same lines, the following announcement on behalf of the Central Islamic Revolution Public Prosecutor’s Office was published:


In the Name of God

The Central Islamic Revolutionary Court, on 8 Shahrivar [30 August], in order to attend to the request of the esteemed public prosecutor of the Central Islamic Revolution, with regard to the cancellation of the practicing licences in a group of Zionist hands, pertaining to the foreign Baha’i party, and in consideration of their antecedents, has decided the following.


After investigation and identification of the membership of the individuals mentioned below in the administration pertaining to the above mentioned party, it is understood that:

  1. The cited organizations, before the Islamic Revolution, representing the worldwide corruptors, were active with all their might in disseminating cultural, political and economic perversity, and were the fundamental strengthening power and the hands of the detested Pahlavi regime, to the point where, in the recently found documents of the dead Shah, the heads of this group were considered intimate confidants of secrets, and [he] had chosen them as his closest and most reliable counsellors, and even in his absence, as per the [verified] handwriting of this traitor, the highest decisions on his behalf as the commander-in-chief were delegated to a Baha’i.
  2. These foreign-made organizations, in the economic plundering of the nation, with the recognized support of the usurping government of occupied Palestine, and in cooperation with the detested Pahlavi regime, like an exterminating cancer, destroyed the economic prestige of the nation of the Muslims, and collaborated with Zionists in the direction of the Western material culture, especially in disseminating indecency to its [greatest possible extent].
  3. After the triumph of the Islamic Revolution, this anti-humanity network has so far been secretly and noxiously carrying on the undercover plots of the hellish CIA, such as making and circulating the already well-prepared rumours of the Zionist sociologists and psychologists, proportional to any condition, to the [highest] possible point, and at the same time worrying and [causing] distrust [among] the people against the Islamic Republic everywhere, in the streets and roads, even on the public vehicles, etc., through its own individuals in the garb of Islam, with deceptive and sympathetic appearance.
  4. Members of this sect, according to their own confessions, on the order of the organization, and by any means possible, have acted, even by preventing the sale of the necessary consumables needed by the public, with the aim of weakening and overthrowing the Islamic Republic in war time conditions.
  5. The sincere cooperation of this foreign organization with strangers was so much appreciated by their masters that after the arrest of some of their leaders, Reagan rose up to support the modern leaders of the plunderers and criminals of the twentieth century, [who are] ruling the destinies of the American people, and through prominent international broadcasting, have made such a noise throughout the world that has never before showed such sensitivity and sympathy towards any servant.


Therefore, the Court has agreed with the request of the central public prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution in relation to the cancellation of the practicing licences of the lawyers of a group of the members of this network, and consequently, through the lawyer of the Justice Administration, has been convinced to cancel their practicing licences and has announced their ban from employment in all the structures of the Islamic Republic.


Also, the Court, legally, over the Islamic Revolution public prosecutor and all the justice officials and those related to [them], came to realize that these corrupt and sinful roots of America should not be given consent and permission to continue their evil acts.


The names of the mentioned lawyers are as follows: 

1. Gholam-Hosein Aazami, son of Kuchak; 2. Fariborz Amjadi; 3. Momtaz Ismailzadegan; 4. Nosratollah Ighani; 5. Rahmatollah Aghazadeh; 6. Ahmad Badii; 7. Fereidoun Boroumand; 8. Faezeh Tofiq; 9. Seyyed Mehdi Javid; 10. Manuchehr Haghighi; 11. Abbas Jannatian; 12. Farhang Haghighatjou; 13. Iraj Khadami-Eraghi; 14. Hedayat Rahimi; 15. Vahdat Saadat; 16. Badiollah Farid; 17. Manuchehr [Manouher] Ghaemmaghami; 18. Habibollah Ghods Jourabchi; 19. Javad Ghuchani; 20. Abol-Ghasim Ghods; 21. Abbas Kashef; 22. Siamak Kosari; 23. Ahmad Kasaiyan; 24. Habibollah Golshani; 25. Valiollah Mahab; 26. Siavash Mo’ayyad; 27. Reza Mo’ayyad Ghiasi; 28. Azizollah Mamduhi; 29. Sirous Meshki; 30 Bahram Yari; 31. Mozaffar Yousefian; 32. Bijan Shahriari Zavareh