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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Post-e Tehran

[Date:] 19 Ordibehesht 1334 [10 May 1955]

[Issue No.:] 582


Telegrams of Ayatollah Behbahani to His Imperial Majesty [and] His Holiness Ayatollah Borujerdi

On the occasion of the occupation of the Haziratu’l-Quds [Baha’i Centre], the Assembly [meeting place] of the Baha’is, and the ban on propagation by the Baha’i sect, the Honour Ayatollah Behbahani sent congratulatory telegrams to His Imperial Majesty and His Holiness Ayatollah Borujerdi. The contents of the two telegrams are printed here for the information of our readers.

The Blessed Imperial Court of His Majesty

Offering my most sincere prayers at this time when your majestic person has taken such God- loving action and in accordance with the wishes of this prayerful one and the wishes of all the Islamic nations over the past many years, and  has closed the [Baha’i] centre of religious and national deterioration and with the help of the Islamic Army of Iran [also] ordered the confiscation of that inauspicious centre, I am offering my sincere thanks; as this day to me, the prayerful one, is a day of religious celebration, I express my congratulations and I am certain that the sacred heart of the Honourable Vali-e Asr[1], may our souls be sacrificed for him, is happy and will pay special attention to the person of your Majesty. In conclusion I beg of God, the Supreme Commander, to increase His assistance for the success of the person of your Majesty in your efforts to protect the sacred religion and the sacred laws of Islam and to eradicate anything which is contrary to the religion of God.

Mohammad-al Mousavi-al Behbahani - Forgiveness is from Him

The Honourable Hojjatol-Islam and Esteemed Ayatollah, His Holiness Mr Borujerdi, may his blessings be continued.

With sincere expressions of devotion, I am certain that you are happy with the blessed action of the person of his Imperial Majesty for the closure and confiscation of the ominous [properties] of Baha’is. In my humble opinion this festival is counted as a religious festival and for this reason I express my congratulations and I hope that with your support, the person of his Majesty will always be taking such noble decisions.

Mohammad-al Mousavi-al Behbahani- Forgiveness is from Him

The telegrammed response from Esteemed Ayatollah Borujerdi

Yesterday on behalf of His Holiness Ayatollah Borujerdi a telegram was sent to the Honourable Ayatollah Behbahani whose contents below are brought to the attention of our dear readers.


Tehran - The Honourable Hojjatol-Islam Mir-Seyyed Mohammad Behbahani may the blessings upon him be continued:  Your blessed telegram regarding the action taken by the person of His Imperial Majesty to close down and confiscate the place whose sole purpose was to spread propaganda against the sacred religion of Islam and which was also opposed to the independence of the country and sought to debilitate the status of the monarchy, will most certainly conduce to the unity of the nations, and has become a source of happiness.

Of course, all the Muslims in the world and famed scholars, including even the Honourable Vali-e Asr, may our souls be sacrificed for him, are happy at this action.

We can say that in the eyes of the learned ones of the country [defence of Islam?] is counted as one of the most important duties of a nation.  The hope is that God, whose station is great, will protect the sacred religion of Islam and the Iranian monarchy from the assaults of their enemies and those who create disturbance and will, furthermore, protect your sacred person for the Muslims for years to come.

Hosein Tabatabei


[1][The 12th imam, who is expected to emerge from occultation to fulfil this role]