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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Post-e-Tehran

[Date:] 5 Tir 1334 [27 June 1955]

[Issue No:] 620


People of Dargaz request the immediate closure of this den of corruption.

Rezaiyeh – Even though the places of worship and temples of Baha’is have been occupied in all provinces and in most cities by the military forces, and their buildings confiscated and destroyed, in this frontier city, unlike the other places, the temple of these so-called godly people still stands and no attempt has been made to eradicate this den of espionage. We, therefore, wish to bring this to the attention of the administrative authorities in charge with the hope that this gathering place of spies [will be destroyed] and the enemies of religion eliminated, and hand this building over to the Department of Culture, which, incidentally, is in great need of a place.

Even though the writer of these lines is certain that not only is this impossible in this town, given the ability of this sect to deceive the law enforcement authorities by renaming this building as the personal property of one of the “flock of Baha,” but even when the orders to dismiss these infidels from government establishments come into effect, because they have penetrated all departments, and there are many of them, they will be able to spend a sum as a bribe and payoff—which, unfortunately, is considered a common practice an norm these days—and change colour to become full-fledged Muslims.