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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Date: 27/1/1323-[16 April 1944]

Number: 18


The Ministry of the Interior,

Political Division


Following report number 209 - 9/1/1323 [29 March 1944] as was mentioned before, the residents of Zabol altogether were concerned and apprehensive about the coming of the Baha’is; a while ago,  we even saw that there was a series of open promotions by them, (Baha’is), which was immediately stopped by the Police Force. A preliminary file was prepared for the prosecution and sent to the public prosecutor of Zabol. As there is no punishment in the law for these people, and no matter how many times they are prosecuted, because propaganda is not a crime, they will not be punished and they will continue [with their] (propaganda), unless the National Consultative Assembly passes a law and a single article Act that the action of propaganda is a crime and the perpetrators and demonstrators will be prosecuted and punished. Before passing such a law, a general order [will suffice, which] can be given to the Police Force and Gendarmerie. [They] can contact Governorates and obtain orders to prevent their open promotion and organised gatherings.


Governor of Zabol, Khazimeh, [signature]


[Stamp: received in the Ministry of the Interior, number 9620, date: 25/2/1323-[15 May 1944]

[Stamp: received in the Ministry of the Interior, Political division, number: 1327- date: 26/2/1323-

[16 May 1944]

[Handwritten 1:] Political division

[Handwritten 2:] Action taken, to be filed.