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Private Number: 7533/M

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Ministry of the Interior


Unit: ----  Branch: ----

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Date of Exit: 27 Aban 1329 [18 November 1950]


Very Urgent – Confidential

National Police Headquarters,

With the descriptions reported by the Governorate of Shahrekord, due to the intense disputes that exist between the Muslims and the Baha’is of Boroujen which have recently led to unexpected events and incidents, the establishment of a police station in Boroujen that can discharge its duties under the supervision of the National Police Headquarters of Shahrekord seems essential. Please [give an] order to inform the Ministry of the Interior of the [opinion] and inform the minister of the interior of the results of the actions taken.


On behalf of the minister of the interior [Dr. Nasr]

Department head [illegible] [signature]